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Sarang Pokhare
May 17, 2021


✅ $200,000 raised

✅ $394 Billion Market Opportunity

✅ 250+ Million Transactions Per Day

Diamante Blockchain is building for the future with its dedicated and diverse team.👌 Come, help build it with us.

Invest in our crowdfund. Low Risk, Good Investment Opportunity.

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Diamante in the News:

The Diamante Solution Creating a dedicated ecosystem for payments and financing by establishing concrete trust and ensuring full security in trade and transactions by leveraging proprietary blockchain infrastructure.

The Diamante Ecosystem Proprietary blockchain network — ​Diamante Net

DeFi payments application — ​PayCircle

Blockchain application — ​DiamCircle

Native digital asset on Diamante Net (Utility Coin) — ​DIAM

DeFi credit application — ​CreditCircle

Consortium of luxury goods and service industry stakeholders — ​Diamante Consortium



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